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Nothing brings more joy to our flower gardens then the infusion of 100’s of Alpine and Rock Garden plants that we have acquired over the years. From the happy yellow Drabas & white Snowdrops (spring harbingers), to summer shows of purple Arenaria, burgundy Cyclamens, royal blue Gentians, rosy or white Silenes & a rainbow selection of Penstemons and finally fall blooming light green Orostachys & mauve Chrysanthemum weyrichii. AND lets not forget our 150 varieties of Sempervivums! Our mission is to trial and then offer our most hardy & floriferous specimens. What flourishes in our 2b/3a zoned garden (with copious winter snow cover) should do very well in a great many areas of Canada. Come on in and be amazed!

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Having grown for over 20 years, a wide range of Alpine/Rock Garden plants, we feel confident that we can help our customers establish some serious Alpine gardens of their own. Read More

Design Ideas

There are so many ways Alpine/Rock Garden plants can be grown, displayed and shown. Read More


We have surmised (from garden related conversations & garden visitations…) that too many people are in a great hurray to just get the job done. Read More


We have on hand some unusual products to assist you in the compilation and completion of the garden of your dreams. Read More



Some serious "eye candy"... ... See MoreSee Less

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Thymus cosmosus ... See MoreSee Less

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Despite all the rain, the alpines continue to impress... ... See MoreSee Less

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Here are a few more from the collection:
(All members of the columbine family...)
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So wee alpine plant lovers...
Have you seen one of THESE in around where you live?
Believe it or not...it lives (happily) in our back scary forest!
I KNOW what it is! Do you???
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Anemonella Thalictroides...
Wee little plants that spread by small corms. Always welcome and easy to add or remove.
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Garden Gossip

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