Fall update on our Alpines

What a year it has been! Like typical Manitoba weather, close your eyes for a few minutes and Bingo…its different again! Years ago…a weather system remained in place for several months or at least several weeks. This summer, it changed every couple of days and now its every day…from one extreme to another. So what is one to do? Rest one day and go like the devil was chasing you the next!

I can’t complain. For the newly transplanted alpine plants, its been a blessing. I can count on rain every couple of days and sunshine in between. It doesn’t get any better than that!

I received my final “load of bulbs” for the fall a couple of days ago and already they are planted. Was very excited to trial some new lily, fritillaria and muscari varieties that I have not had before. (I followup with a small listing shortly…) I decided to keep them in pots, only because our weather has been soooo… unpredictable. (If it rains too heavily, they will drain well…if it gets too hot and sunny…well I can always water!

Update! Yeh! I have found my favorite product…”Scoot” at local Greenhouse not too far from me. Was easy to apply. Simply spray a diluted thin layer of the mixture with a hand held spray bottle. After it dries, one can hardly see it. It also does not wash off with the rain.

Also I have resorted to another (…as I am dreadfully afraid of voles after my last experience…) heavy on the blood meal application and any bitter herb spray I can get my hands on. Oh, almost forgot…have some mothballs, as a backup. And what a price they were! Now where did I put those fine hardware cloth wire mesh sheets….?

Looks like we will still have more periods of great weather. Am working slowly through all the raised beds, recording what new inventory I might have. Hears hoping that the wind stays nice and quite…so my sheets of paper don’t fly away. Have a great fall and behave yourself…this Halloween!

Happy Growing,

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