We have surmised (from garden related conversations & garden visitations…) that too many people are in a great hurray to just get the job done. As a result, there have been some failures, as much plant material (and money) has been lost by one means or another, as the necessary steps were either: not taken, understood or thought through. As an Alpine Nursery grower, we feel passionate about our plants and a sense of responsibility toward our “wee charges”. So to ensure (your respect) and a greater rate of success, accomplishment and survival, we would give you “food” for thought. Alpines can be grown is a wide range of environments, providing the areas in question, have excellent drainage, high to moderated light, low soil nutrients, a deep root run and sufficient winter snow cover. It is important to know their few simple needs (on which we can advise you…) prior to planting to ensure optimum success.