1. THE PRAIRIE GARDEN 2010 – “Annuals & Biennials”A little (big) annual magazine (185 pages of enlightening garden articles & a gorgeous photo center…) assembled and published by the Prairie Garden Committee, of Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada. Year 2009 was “Deciduous Shrubs”. Year 2008 was “Roses”. Of special interest in this year 2010’s Edition Mandy Botincan has her article published, entitled “To Demystify the Alpine”…Page # 171. Be sure to get an autographed copy for your collection at our G.H.!
  2. ORCHIDS OF MANITOBA – 2005 Highly recommended! Put together by members of the Native Orchid Conservation Society of Manitoba. “One of the best orchid guides in N.A., a blend of excellence, accuracy and quality…the photographs are exceptional…a great book. – Paul M. Catling

DVD’s and VHS

  1. GENETIC MATRIX by Ian Mauro (a VHS tape of 30 mins.)The Percy Schmeiser case and the Fight for the Future of Life. (Popular and out-spoken geneticist David Suzuki is featured.)
  2. THE FUTURE OF FOOD by Deborah Koons Garcia (DVD, one part runs 1.5 Hrs.)Produced by Lily Films of Mill Valley, California, US. 2-Disc special edition. Highly recommended! There is a revolution happening on the farm fields and on the dinner tables of NA. This film investigates into the disturbing truth behind the unlabeled, patented, genetically engineered foods that have quietly filled grocery store shelves. All this in only the last 15 short years! “Quietly inflammatory…unsettling!” – Stephen Holden The New York Times
  3. SEEDS OF CHANGE by Ian Mauro, Stephan Mclauhlan & Jim Sanders 2002Examines the controversy surrounding the use of genetically modified (GM) crops across the Canadian prairies. A publicly funded project and part of a larger comprehensive research program examining the risks associated with biotechnology in agriculture. This documentary contributes a new voice and perspective to the debates – that of the farmers!

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