Hours of Operation 2020

Despite the cold weather, some of my inventory is showing itself. I’ve recently updated my inventory based on what I see and will patiently wait for warmer weather, to see what else wakes up.

FYI…AV....means “Available“.

Everything that I grow, has always been kept outside, being challenged by our brutal weather conditions so should survive just fine in Zone 2. Should some plants do really well, I will offer up its “extras”, but understand they will be offered only in limited quantities.

Price ranges are shown on the top of each page. I have quite the inventory so there will always be something interesting, found no where else in the province or my area. FYI, …I will not ship plants, personal pick up only.

Also this is NOT a full time operational GH as some plant people might assume. This is and always will remain, my hobby. I’m always glad to share what I know and have always had fun doing so. No pressure, no stress and no commitment to anyone but myself and for my enjoyment.

The Greenhouse operates ONLY on a “CALL to COME” basis.

Essentially we are closed, so that folks (passing by) looking for OTHER things (annuals, trees, veggies, tomato packs…L0L!) don’t just wander in…checking us out.

We LOVE our privacy and the need to get other things (This is a working farm…) done, now that the GH has slowed down. Everyone who wishes to purchase must book ahead, as I will not post OPEN HOURS. Every customer/plant lover is unique and we wish to honour that and give them this time. Therefore we feel it necessary to ask folks, wanting to purchase alpine flowers, fertilizer or tufa rock…to CALL AHEAD (204-268-3984) so that we can accommodate you.

Please understand we will never be open on a Sunday. That’s OUR time. However we will try to have you Monday to Saturday. 

We can decide the time together. Also PLEASE keep your appointment. IF for some reason you cannot make it, be courteous and let us know ahead of time.

Oh! Before I forget, I will be available for consultation if new customers so wish. I’m always “full” of information! Message me privately as each case is different and unique.

Kind Regards, Good Luck and Happy Growing,

P.S.: Feel free to check out the Photo Album