Several years ago, when I started to record ALL of our inventory, seeing now the final result, I did not fully realize the scope of our collection! I am listing a modest representation of the alpine/rock garden plants that I know we might have stock plants of. Do understand that once winter lifts off (as they are all buried under 2-3 feet of snow) we will only then know which ones can be offered. Plants that we will be offering for sale, will be marked with an “AV”, after its description.

Each year our listing will adjust, as we either delete some varieties OR acquire more plant material (or add old ones that we used to have…) Or can make plant material available from others that we have inventory of. We will try to keep on top of our “handi-work”. Hopefully, we remain organized!

Re: Our Photo Album: Our present program does not allow us to write our plant names using the correct format. Until we have it figured out, please bear with us. Thank you!

In addition, we have approximately 150 Sempervivums and Sedums. It will not be possible to list ALL that we have. We have many more than we show. Not ALL will be available each year as the listings will change. Best to just come down when you have arranged an appointment time.

Descriptions for the alpines will get filled in, as time and space allows. For the time being, you need only to ‘Google Search’…Photos of Aquilegia canadensis nana…for a decent photo to come up. I have ‘sampled’ a number already, finding good results.

Prices for plants will vary, depending if a plant self-seeds gently or much human intervention is necessary, such as stem cutting, root cutting, a lengthy germination process or just a very slow grower OR very hard to find…rare! Occasionally a very rare plant will be offered and it will be priced according to our ability to propagate it. Prices will range from $6.00 to $12.00.

Presently, we are re-planting, re-working and recording our complete inventory. Please bear with us as we progress through this huge challenge…. Mandy Botincan

Please feel free to contact us at: